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New Patients
New Patients


We would like to extend a warm welcome to you and would hope to make your first visit with us a relaxing, informative and comfortable experience.
Your first visit is very important as it will colour your judgement of the care we provide. Meeting a new dentist for the first time can be unsettling and not knowing what to expect at that first visit can make it more stressful.
Accordingly we have tried to make sure that for a first visit the patient should know what to expect. Our main aim at any New Patient Consultation is to gather information about the current dental condition. We will discuss with the patient everything that can be done for any given situation, then a decision can be made that is appropriate to the patient's need. We know that a comprehensive plan needs to be fully flexible so that patients can progress through their care at whatever pace they consider appropriate.

Your initial appointment allows us to gather information about your current dental status and what you might want for your future care, so that we can start the process of understanding how we can help you.
To aid this process, we carry out a full examination of teeth,gums, soft tissues using photographic or radiographic records as required.
We would appreciate feedback on the treatment and the standard of care we have provided for you. You may wish to leave a report for our testimonials area or a suggestion within 'contact us'.
If you think of any other information you need please don't hesitate to 'contact us' and we will do our utmost to help.


Routine Dental Check up


It is important to attend for regular routine dental examinations as recommended by your dentist. It is also a time when you can take the opportunity to voice your own concerns about your teeth and mouth. Only following examination can your needs be properly assessed.
A comprehensive examination will assess your risks of gum disease and decay and will involve discussion of the appropriate time interval between routine examinations.This is a recommendation of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) requiring a patient's needs and risks to be assessed.
An examination of the soft tissues of the mouth, lips, cheek and tongue will also be performed and a screening examination for mouth cancer is always carried out.